Portal Axles

Portal axles are the ultimate lift kit for your 4×4

Looking for the ultimate lift kit for your Toyota LandCruiser or Nissan Patrol?

Portal axles are the ultimate 4WD accessory.  Give your 4×4 extra clearance to handle the toughest of terrain and look like a beast out on the tracks.

What are the key features of portal axles?

  • Comfort, comfort and more comfort!
  • Lift your vehicle without sacrificing the quality of your ride on the road
  • With the addition of 35″ tyres the total increase in ground clearance is approximately 150mm (6″) over standard
  • When 35″ tyres are fitted, the differential to ground clearance is equivalent to having a standard live axle fitted with 43″ tyres
  • Improved articulation is also experienced due to the increase in the vehicle track
  • Less body sway is also experienced due to the standard height springs and retention of the sway bars
  • The 16% gear reduction offers this same percentage increase in strength to all of the transmission components from the CV joints back to the engine
  • Each transmission holds approximately 450ml of oil
  • The oil supplied with the portal assemblies is high quality full synthetic
  • The portal axle assemblies are supplied with breather hoses, manifold, and filters
  • Portal vehicles have undergone brake and lane change testing and have easily passed all the required tests

Portal axles are designed to suit the following vehicles:

Toyota LandCruiser models

  • VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79
  • GRJ71, GRJ76, GRJ78, GRJ79

Nissan Patrol models

  • GU Nissan Patrol
  • Y61 Nissan Safari

(The design of the portal axles for Nissan Patrol models directly replaces the original Nissan live axle assemblies as fitted to all models from 1998 on).

Portal axles are the ultimate lift kit for your LandCruiser and feature the following: 

  • 6″ (150mm) lift under the axle
  • Engineered to suit 35″ tyres on 17″ & 18″ wheels
  • GVM increased to 3950kg for 79 series, 3780kg for 76 & 78 series
  • Track increased by 80mm
  • Air operated free wheeling hubs
  • Rear axle track corrected to match the front axle
  • Transmission drum hand brake on transfer case
  • Heavy duty one piece swivel housings
  • Slotted brake rotors & ceramic brake pads
  • Stainless braided brake lines
  • 2nd stage manufacture compliant
  • Legal in all states of Australia


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