recovery equipment FOR YOUR 4WD

Ever found yourself up to your knees in mud, wishing you’d listened to your mates and bought that recovery equipment for your 4WD, ‘just in case’?  There’s nothing better than hitting that mountain track or driving to the perfect remote beach location. But you never know what mother nature is going to deliver. So it’s important to keep that recovery gear handy for when you get bogged, stuck in the sand or mud and can’t find a way out.

Not all recovery gear is created equal, but you can feel safe knowing you are using Ironman 4×4 products that are engineered and designed in Australia, for Australian conditions.

Our range of recovery equipment includes:

  • recovery straps and snatches
  • highlift jacks
  • winches
  • recovery kits
  • exhaust jack
  • traction treds

Ensure the safety of you and your crew with all the recovery gear you need for your next 4WD adventure.  


Check out the range of Ironman 4×4 recovery equipment available from our toowoomba showroom.



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