The new 4WD lift laws by the Queensland Government came into effect on Friday 26th October 2018. It’s great to see QLD has now come in line with other states with the National Code of Practice for suspension lift modifications.

Under these changes:
✔️ the maximum lift height has increased from 125mm to 150mm with certification
✔️ consistent with rules that apply in the National Code of Practice (NCOP)
✔️ internal lift limits have also been set at 75mm suspension lift (an increase from the previous rules of 50mm), 25mm tyres and 50 body blocks for a total of 150mm
As has always been the case, TMR will continue to consider lifts above these limits on application directly to the Qld transport department.
✔️ Vehicles with electronic stability control (ESC) can now also be lifted up to 75mm (50mm suspension + 25mm tyres) without certification. This is in line with rules that apply in New South Wales and Victoria, and exceed the requirements that apply in the NCOP. This means, regardless of whether a vehicle has ESC or not, the same rules apply for lifts up to 75mm.

Lift height guide (for ESC and non-ESC vehicles)

Certification Suspension Tyres Body blocks Total lift
Not required up to 50mm up to 25mm 0mm up to 75mm
Required up to 75mm up to 25mm up to 50mm up to 150mm

Lifts above the required limits outlined in this table require individual approval from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. To find out more about the changes to the vehicle lift modification codes, refer to the Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications.

To find out more about minor modifications that do not need certification or approval, refer to the Minor Modifications Vehicle Standards Instruction G19.10. So folks, you can feel safe with an upgrade to your suspension, and if you have any questions about a suspension kit for your vehicle, get in touch with the team on (07) 4632 9782.