Improving engine performance

There’s nothing like putting your foot down to get up that hill, overtake or to get more power when you’re towing, and ……nothing happens. Or maybe you’re just a little obsessed with your 4×4 and want to get the best performance you can because 4x4s are life. Improving your engine performance can give you more power, better throttle response, and even improve your fuel economy.

how to improve your engine performance

How to improve your engine performance is a really common question we get in the workshop, and the answer is that there are a lot of options out there. Some things to consider are: – the type of vehicle you drive – why you’re wanting more power (eg. towing, heavy weight from tools) and – what your budget is   Products and parts that can help to improve your engine performance include: – iDrive (improved throttle performance) – Remapping or flash tuning – Intercoolers & exhausts There are also a number of products that help to prevent reduced performance as a result of a build-up of oil, unnecessary exhaust particles, and poor fuel quality.   To help with these issues, auxilliary fuel filters and catch cans are a great way to keep your vehicle performing at its’ best.

performance modifications 

You can make modifications to your vehicle to improve the power and torque, and give you some more grunt when you need it most. Optimiser remapping or flash tuning is a process that involves a number of areas within your engine control unit including injection timing, boost control, fuel delivery, and torque limiters.  Through this process most vehicles experience a considerable boost to their overall power and torque.  The result is a much more responsive and pleasurable driving experience. Using an Intercooler on your 4×4 gives you improvements to your power when you need it most.  It does this through efficiently cooled charge air temperatures.  The result? You get better towing ability, make hill climbs a breeze and have a more efficient engine.

performance tuning your car

If you’re considering giving your car or 4×4 some performance modifications or tuning, and have questions about the right products for your vehicle, then the team at Mick Tighe 4×4 & Outdoor are more than happy to help. Get in touch with us today for more information, or if you know the products you’re after, simply request a quote.