All you need to know about GVM upgrades


The usable payload of many 4×4 vehicles straight from the manufacturer is minimal and less than what many 4×4 owners need in the long run.  A GVM upgrade increases the allowable Gross Vehicle Mass and means that you can carry a bigger load without comprising performance or handling.

By the time you add in a couple of adult passengers and some basic equipment onto your vehicle, it doesn’t take long to go over the legal maximum weight (or GVM).  Once you start wanting to add on extra equipment like bull bars, side steps, roof racks, camping gear you can very quickly exceed the legal limit for your vehicle’s GVM.


Do you need a gvm upgrade?

Every vehicle has different load ratings, which can be found in your owner’s manual for your specific vehicle.  You would need to take into consideration whether the load is placed over the front half or rear half of your vehicle.   Your vehicle manufacturer would have set limits for both front and rear axles on your vehicle, as well as the total weight of the vehicle (GVM).  You also need to consider if you will be towing a trailer or caravan, and ensure that towing capacity (braked) also doesn’t exceed the manufacturer ratings. If you exceed the rating for any of these loads, then you need a GVM upgrade.


australian certified suspension upgrade kits

GVM upgrade kits are available for a range of 4×4 vehicles.  Ironman 4×4 GVM upgrade kits are available for Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser 78/79 series and Toyota Landcruiser 200 series.

The GVM upgrade kits are Australian engineered and approved. They have been designed and tested for tradesmen and contractors who carry tools and equipment that exceed the original manufacturers or legal load limits.  They are also suitable for vehicles where a bull bar, winch or long range fuel tank have been installed and still have load carrying capacity.

The Ironman 4×4 GVM upgrade will assist in satisfying OH&S, insurance and road transport regulations. Ironman 4×4 has conducted all required testing to ensure complete integration with all safety systems and requirements, as well as compliance with Federal laws.

A post registration GVM upgrade to your vehicle will require inspection and approval by a state authorised automotive engineer for issue of a modification place.


how to upgrade your vehicle’s gvm

A GVM upgrade varies for each vehicle, but generally includes shock absorbers, strut shock absorbers, coil springs, leaf springs, and u-bolts for most 4×4 vehicles.

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